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Dunphy Best Blocksom LLP is a full service law firm with over 30 years of experience. We provide leading legal expertise to individuals and companies in the areas of family law, corporate and commercial law, real estate law and much more.

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Award for Leadership in the Profession

Congratulations to Michele H. Hollins Q.C. who on November 6, 2013 received an award for Leadership in the Profession at the Women in the Law Leadership Awards dinner. She was in good company, as Premier Alison Redford was one of the 5 award recipients.

Michele was recognized for her outstanding contribution to the legal profession overall, including her extensive involvement with the Canadian Bar Association. Michele will assume her position as national President of the Canadian Bar Association in August 2014.

Award Ceremony

See DBB's surrogacy specialist Ellen Embury featured in the Calgary Herald's special six-part Pride & Joy series.

Ellen is one of a handful of lawyers in the country who specialize in reproductive law. She sat down with the Herald's Natalie Stechyson to discuss the patchwork of rules, regulations and laws governing assisted reproduction - and what motivates her to focus on helping the LGBTQ community.

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